• Forwards only allowed, harmless content
  • Filtering of HTTP and HTML
  • Using POSIX threads
  • Written in plain C
  • Generic configuration
  • Extensive audit possible
  • Short description of the filtering principles
  • Same description in German
  • Our paper for "7. DFN-Cert Workshop: Sicherheit in vernetzten Systemen" (7th Workshop on Network Security). Yes, German only.
  • The README from the distribution
  • ... more to come
  • Our project page hosted by sourceforge. Access to the actual developer CVS tree, mailing lists, bugtracking lists etc.
  • A very rich (but less secure) webfilter: muffin.
  • A security project at the Stanford University to modify Java Bytecode for security reasons.
  • The DFN (German research network) Firewall Laboratory (DFN-FWL). They financed our work.
  • Other filters not especially designed for security, but to eat cookies, banners etc.: JunkBusters, WebFilter.
  • A very good introduction to WWW security problems: The web security FAQ from W3C.

Last changed: 22.08.2002.